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Bin Drum Unloader

Transfer food, personal care, and pharmaceutical ingredients to fillers and mix kettles utilizing the unrivaled Graco SaniForce Unloader systems. Reduce manufacturing costs by improving material evacuation rate, time, and efficiency. Without contaminating, diluting or heating ingredients, the SaniForce Unloader systems achieve up to 99% evacuation rates of high viscosity ingredients such as tomato paste, peanut butter, caramel and corn syrup.


Graco container evacuation systems are designed with numerous built-in features to protect foods from contamination. Graco’s piston pumps are built with sanitary flanges, quick knockdown connections and a FDA-compliant air motor shroud, making cleaning and sanitization an easy process. The unloading systems are equipped with a pump ram with follower plate and inflatable seal protecting ingredients from external contamination and bacteria, leading to safer operations over dumping and scooping.

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