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Electric Diaphragm Pump

Graco’s SaniForce Food Grade Electric Operated Double Diaphragm pumps combine all the benefits of a traditional air operated diaphragm pump like self-priming, stalling under pressure, and increased diaphragm life with the benefits of an electric pump like energy savings, reduced pulsation and increased pump control. Available with a 25.4 or 50.8 mm (1 in or 2 in) connection, SaniForce Electric Diaphragm pumps transfer a broad range of food and personal care products including fruit juices, sauces, food-grade oils, jams, personal care and pharmaceuticals.


QUANTM isn’t just another electric pump: it’s a game-changer. QUANTM features a revolutionary electric motor design that will reduce operational costs and keeps your production lines running. It is a perfect fit for most fluid applications and a drop-in replacement for existing pumping technologies. QUANTM is quieter and more efficient. Protect your bottom line by converting  to a QUANTM Electric Pump.

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